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List Of Doctors

U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the following persons or companies. Inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement by the U.S. Department of State or U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv. Names are listed by specialty and alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance. The medical professionals have directly provided information on their professional credentials, areas of expertise, and language ability and the U.S. Embassy cannot guarantee the accuracy of the listed information. You may research each medical professional by local licensing authorities. If you would like the Embassy to add you to our list, or you need to make a change to your listing, please email

Herzliya Medical Center
Many international tourists and residents in Israel choose to use the services of the International Department of the Herzliya Medical Center, which offers a range of physicians, a multilingual staff and has billing agreements in place with many insurance companies based in the United States and other countries.
Tel: +972-9-959-2425
More details available on their website:


Dr. Samuel Kivity
Pediatric allergy and pulmonary
68 Katze Nelson St.
Givataim and Ichilov Hospital
Tel: 03-571-2397, 03-697-3534; Home: 03-751-8839

Dr. Itai Neumann
 Allergy/Asthma pediatrics and adult
Herzliya Medical Center
Tel: 09-958-6645, 09-959-2588; Home: 08-928-6333; Cell: 050-533-7727
Hours: Sun, Mon, Weds, Thurs 1pm-9pm

Dr. Robert Shiner
102a Lamerchav, Ramat Hasharon
Tel (home): 03-540-1458
Hours: Sun-Thurs 8am-3pm


Dr. Harvey Belik

Sharon Medical Center
124 Ahuza Street, Raanana
Cell: 052-830-1027
Languages: English, Hebrew, Yiddish, and limited French

Dr. Michael Cohen, MB BS MFAEM MRCGP
Family Medicine Specialist
Basel Heights Medical Center
35 Basel Street (on the square)
Tel:  054-941-4243
Languages: English, Hebrew

Dr. Roee Dovdevani
18 Reiness Street Tel Aviv
Appointments: 053-9955893
Clinic: 03-6242212

Dr. Ruth Dothan-Nissim
Family Doctor
34 Sokolov St., Ramat Hasharon
Tel: 03-549-6112; 03-540-6229
Hours: Sunday to Friday 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Sun, Mon, Thurs: 4 to 8 p.m.
Languages: English, Hebrew, French 

Dr. Miky Nissim
Family Doctor
34 Sokolov St., Ramat Hasharon
Tel: 03-549-6112; 03-540-6229; 03-549-7889  
Hours: Sun-Fri 8am – 1pm; Sun, Mon, Thurs: 4-8pm
Languages: English, Hebrew

Dr. Peter Ross
General Medicine and Psychiatry 
87 Sderot Nordau, Tel Aviv, 62594
Tel: 03-546-7088, 03-641-6928, 054-630-2672
Hours: by appointment.
Languages: English, Hebrew

Dr. Sunny Sapir
Family medicine specialist, Tourist oriented clinic and service
Yermiyahu 37 street
Contact 054-544-1839 or
Languages: English, Hebrew

S.P.A. - A company that represents two major hospitals in Israel providing 24 hour services
Moshe Ben-Zeev, General Manager S.P.A. Ltd.
Tel: 052-869-9486; 02-534-5777



Dr. Meir Reicher
Shprintzak St. 3, Tel Aviv
Cell: 052-245-6145; Beeper: 03-610-6666 Ext. 3567
Hours:  Mon and Weds 4pm-8:30pm
Languages: English, Hebrew, French, Italian

Dr Shimon Braun
Assuta Hospital
62 Jabotinsky St., Tel Aviv
Tel: 03- 527-1281
Hours: by appointment
Languages: English, Hebrew, German, Polish, Russian

Prof. Therese Fuchs
Cardiology and Arrhythmia; Director of the Arrhythmia Service
American Board certified in Cardiology and Electro-Physiology
Assaf Ha’rofeh Medical Center
19 Ha’Meitar St., Ramat Gan
Tel: 03-616-4042; Cell: 057-345-908
Hours: by appointment
Languages: English, Hebrew

Dr. Eliezer Rozenbaum
Herzliya Medical Center
Tel: 052-222-3322 

Prof. M. Motro and Prof. H. Miller
Herzliya Medical Center
Tel (International Desk): 09-959-2499  


Dr. Laurence Been
U.S. trained: Sports injuries, musculoskeletal problems
95 Akiva, Raanana
Tel: 09-745-5485
Hours: Sun, Tues-Thurs 7am-12pm and 3pm-6:30pm; Mon-Weds closed. 


Dr. Vladi Dvoyris, DMD, MBA
Tel.: +972-54-4778556
US: +1-516-321-1167
UK: +44-20-3734-8299

Dr Darryl Alter
Herzliya Medical Center
Tel: 09-959-2419, 09-959-2446; Answering service: 09-959-2555
Hours: Mon & Weds 7am-6pm; Tues 7-10am; Thurs 7am-2pm; Fri 7-11am; Sun 7am-5pm

Dr. Zamir Bortman
91 Tarshish St., Shoham
Tel: 050-687-5912; 03-973-2658; 050-843-1962; Fax: 03-979-1082

Dr. Varda Chioclea-Shor, DMD
18 Moshe Sneh Street, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-649-4375; 054-622-6265
Dr. Talya Dayan
143 Bialik St., Ramat Gan
Tel: 03-612-4224
Hours by appointment
Languages: English, Hebrew

Dr. Michael Etinger, D.M.D. M.SC.
7 Shmuel Ha’Nagid St., Jerusalem
Tel: 054-493-0928
Hours: by appointment
Languages: Hebrew, English, Russian

Dr. Philip Kaplan

25 Zeitlin St., Tel Aviv
Hours: Sun, Tues-Thurs 7:30am-2pm; Fri 7am-12pm  
Tel: 03-696-0650, 695-6549; Emergency No.: 09-741-4655
Languages: English, Hebrew

Dr. E. Landman
Trained in Canada
56 Yehushua Ben Nun St., Herzliya Pituach
Tel: 09-958-2767; Fax: 09-956-1506; Cell: 050-633-6029
Hours: daytime and evening, by appointment
Languages: native English

Dr. Virginia Melmed

18 Reines St., Bet Ha’Rofim Building, Suite 307, Tel Aviv
Tel: 052-431-5235

Dr. Benjamin E. Miller
Advanced Esthetic Dentistry
111 Weizman St., Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-602-2922
Hours by appointment

Dr. Sefi Porat
42 Weitzman St., Kvar Saba 44247
Tel: 09-748-8779
Hours by appointment
Languages: Hebrew, English, French

Dr. Daniel Reich
Specialty: Periodontics & Dental Implant Surgery
Herzliya Medical Center, Suite 209
7 Ramat Yam St., Herzliya-Pituach
Tel: 09-959-2590; Cell: 064-492-818
Hours: Mondays 3pm-8pm

Dr. Yom-Tov Rick
5 Ben Tzvi Blvd., Apt. 2, Netanya 42233
Tel: 09-865-4772; Cell: 054-775-1382


Dr. Allen Blumenstyk
91 Vsishkin St., Ramat Hasharon
Tel: 03-547-1202
Hours: Sun & Weds 3pm-8pm; Mon & Thurs 3pm-7pm


Dr. Baruch Kaplan
49 Hasivim St., Parkyanai Building, Petach Tikva
Tel: 919-2020; Cell: 052-830-5526
Hours: Sun 2pm-6:30pm; Mon 9-11:30am; Thurs 2pm-6:30pm; Fri 8am-11:30am 


Dr. Berko
Herzliya Medical Center
7 Ramat Yam, Herzliya Pituach
Tel: 09-959-2512 or International desk: 09-959-2497
Hours: Sun, Tues, Fri from 6pm

Dr. Ari De Rowe
119 Rothschild Ave, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-685-0161; Cell: 052-426-6357
Hours: Tuesdays only 4:30pm-8pm

Dr. Moshe Englender

Laser Surgery, head and neck surgery
9 Disenchik St., Tel Aviv 69354
Tel: 03-647-7299
Languages: Hebrew, English, Italian

Dr. Chen Erez
36 Harav Amiel St., Tel Aviv
Cell: 03-544-5438; 054-456-4350
Hours: Evenings by appointment
Languages: Hebrew, English

Dr. Martin Lander
14 Habanim St., Hod Hasharon
Tel: 09-747-8181
Hours: Sun 8:30-11:30am; Mon, Weds, Thurs 4pm-6:30pm; Tues 12:30pm-2:30pm

Dr. Ben Nageris

14 Brandais St., Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-605-8831
Hours: Sun, Tues, Thurs 3-7pm; Mon, Weds 5-9pm; Fri 8-11am
Languages: Hebrew, English, Yiddish

Dr. Israel Nageris
Medical Specialty: Voice diseases
14 Brandais St., Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-605-8831, 03-546-1211
Hours: Mon-Weds: 5:30pm-9pm
Languages: Hebrew, English, Yiddish, German, Russian

Dr. Tzizi Veisberg
3/B Kashani St., Ramat Aviv
Tel: 03- 641-0722
Hours: Mon & Tues 4pm-6pm; Weds 1pm-2pm; Thurs 2pm-4pm
Languages: Hebrew, English, French, German, Romanian


Prof. Simon Bar-Meir
Gastroenterology and Hepatology
16 Mazeh St. Suite #5, Herzliya 46408
Tel: 09-956-7685; 09-954-4410
Hours: afternoons
Languages: English, Hebrew


Dr. Jacy Or  
Director, Emergency Department, Tel Hashomer Hospital
Cell: 052-666-7100
Email: Jacob.Or@sheba. health.


Dr. Ernesto Bondarevsky, MD, FCCP
Specialty: pulmonary diseases and internal medicine
43 Keren Hayesod, Ramat Hasharon, 47248
Tel: 03-549-0442; Fax: 03-549-0517
Hours by appointment
Languages: English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Yiddish

Dr. Joseph Kalderon
56 Beheri St., Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-695-0095
Hours: Sun, Tues, Thurs 5pm-7pm
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Bulgarian

Dr. Jerry Orlin
Specialty: Hematology
23 Zeitlin St., Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-691-5417; 03-695-6549
Hours: Tues 2pm-6pm; Fri 8am-11am
Languages: English, Hebrew

Dr. Itzchak Turkenitz
Family Practice
36 Louis Marshal, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-605-4882
Hours: Sun, Tues, Weds 9am-11am, 4pm-6pm; Mon & Thurs: 4:30pm-7pm; Fri 9am-11pm
Languages: English, Hebrew, Italian

Prof. Louis Shenkman
Endocrinology; Professor of Medicine
Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine; Program Director, Dor Center
 New York State/American Program, Tel Aviv University
Tel: 09-740-8811; Cell: 054-487-6600
Hours: Mondays and Thursdays from 1pm

Dr. Arnold Shub
Herzliya Medical Center
7 Ramat Yam
Tel: 09-959-2573; Cell: 052-830-5239
Hours: Everyday 2pm-6pm

Dr. Zahler
Herzliya Medical Center
7 Ramat Yam
Tel: 09-959-2497; Cell: 052-832-55360
Hours: Most days  


Dr. Y. Goldhammer
Head of Department of Neurology at Tel Hashomer hospital (Chaim Sheba Medical Center)
Shilat, 73188
Tel: 03-527-1281
Hours: Sun & Thurs 4pm-7:30pm
Languages: English, Hebrew, German

Dr. Colin Klein
Herzliya Medical Center
7 Ramat Yam
Tel: 09-959-249
Hours: Wednesday afternoons and evenings

Dr. Uriel Wald
Specialty: Neurosurgery
Assuta Hospital Outpatient Clinic
62 Jabotinsky St., Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-527-1281; Cell: 054-229-1046; Beeper: 03-610-6666 No. 2499
Languages: English, Hebrew, French, Arabic


Dr. Yael Arbel
The Health Center for Women
43 Brodetsky St., Ramat Aviv Mall
Tel: 03-642-1511 
Hours: Most days 8am-9:30pm; Fri 8am-1:30pm


Dr. Michael Blumenthal
Ein Tal Eye Center: Cataract and Laser Surgery
17 Brandes St., Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-543-3222; 03-544-1411
Hours: Mon-Weds 10am-6pm
Languages: English, Hebrew, German

Dr. David Deutsch
Basel Heights Medical Center
35 Basel Street, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-546-2330
Hours: Sun 8am-1pm; Tues & Thurs 4pm-8pm
Languages: English, Hebrew, Italian, Hungarian

Dr. Moshe Fisher, M.D.
Medical Center of Modiin
53 Ginot Dotan St., Modiin 71700
Tel: 08-973-5666; Fax: 08-973-5674
Also works in Herzliya Medical Center, Tel: 09-959-2520

Dr. Avinoam Ophir

Director of Ophthalmology Department
Hillel-Yaffo Medical Center in Hadera
84 Sokolov St., Ramat Hasharon
Tel: 03-540-8255; 03-695-0357/8
Hours: Mon & Weds from 3pm
Languages: English, Hebrew, German

Dr. Lilly Zborowski

155 Jabotinsky St., Ramat Gan
Tel: 03-540–4550; Cell: 054-735-3550
Hours: Tues 3pm-6pm or by appointment


Dr. David Goodwin (Hand)
78 Shmuel Hamelech, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-527-0546, 03-523-6298
Hours: Sun, Tues, Weds: 4pm-5pm

Dr. Philip Kriss
13 Zichron Yaakov St., Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-695-1485, 03-643-0291
Hours: Sun & Thurs 10am-12pm and 4pm-6pm; Mon & Weds 4pm-6pm
Languages: Hebrew, English, German, Russian, Polish

Dr. Cobi Lidor
Basel Heights Medical Center,
35 Basel St., Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-546-2330; Cell: 054-522-2165
Hours: Mon & Weds: 10am-8pm; Fri 9am-2pm
Languages: English, Hebrew

Dr. Mark Loebenberg
Herzliya Medical Center
7 Ramat Yam
Tel: 09-959-2520 or International Desk: 09-959-2497
Hours: Monday 4pm-9pm; Thurs 2pm-9pm

Dr. Yosef Weiss
Herzliya Medical Center, Room 333
7 Ramat Yam  
Tel: 09-959-2558
Hours: Sun 10am-1pm; Mon & Thurs 2pm-8pm


Dr. Hillel Hurwitz
Specialty: Asthma
39 Hama’apilim St., Suite 102, Herzliya Pituach
Tel: 054-806-6543
Hours: Mon 12pm-3pm; Weds & Thurs 12pm-2pm

Prof. Raanan Shamir
Specialty: Clinical nutrition
27 Achi Dakar St., Herzliya Pituach
Tel: 054-728-2811
Hours: available on shabbat


Dr. Avi Wolf
2 Aviv St., Neve Aviv Club, Kfar Shmaryahu
Hours: Sun-Thurs 8am-7pm; Fri 8am-1pm
Tel: 09-956-4660; Home: 09-950-2502; Cell: 050-827-2420  


Dr. David Mendes, M.D.
Specialty: Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of face, breast, and body. Children and adults; Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery
Senior Physician, Dept. of Plastic Surgery, Sheba Medical Center
43 Hayarden St., Raanana 43261
Tel: 054-621-2364; 09-760-4144; Fax: 03-761-7038

Dr. Eyal Winkler, M.D.
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon; International Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery (Trained at NYU)
Deputy Chief, Dept. of Plastic Surgery and Burn Unit, Sheba Medical Center
43 Bordetski, Ramat Aviv
Tel: 03-527-8128


Dr. Joel Greenwald
3 Shtitel, 7th Floor, Room 703
Assuta Hospital, Petach Tikva
Cell: 052-246-9742
Hours: Mon-Tues 2pm-8pm

Dr. Andrew Karpf
35 Basel Street, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-522-2687; Home: 02-673-6986; Cell: 052-426-6345 or 054-788-8089


Anat  Kandel, M.A
Licensed Clinical social worker and Psychotherapist.
Speciality: individual and couple psychotherapy. I am trained in the psychoanalytical approac.
Private Practice in Tel Aviv - Yafo
Contact: or 050-5579300

Rafael, Dr. Alexandra Klein – Pediatric Psychologist
Sees patients at home office: Shmule Ha’Nagid #10, Ra’anana AND
Clinic at the Namal Port, Hiburim Hanger, Tel Aviv
Contact Rafaeli at,, or call +972-52-671-0409.

Dr. Sagiv Ashkenazi
Licensed Psychologist in New York State and Israel
Private Practice in Tel Aviv and Raanana
Speciality: Individual and couples psychotherapy for adults; depression,
anxiety, adjustment problems, trauma, substance abuse, and sexual identity.
Tel: (050) 320-0061

Judith Ronat M. D
Individual & Couple Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Consults
IL-4421665 Kfar Saba, Israel
Tel: 972-9-7603287; 972-54-4649023

Gesthalter, Boaz
Licensed Clinical Psychologist M.A., Supervisor
Lessin 8, Tel-Aviv-Yafo
Adults, Children, Adolescents, Parental guidance, Divorced families, Psychodiagnostic evaluations, Parental capability assessments
English, Hebrew
cel: 054-5711666 

Wendy Friedland Gordon, MSW
Clinical Social Worker;  Individual psychotherapy, couples and family therapy.
 Specialties, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, intercultural relationships.
Tel Aviv, city.
Tel: 052 -727-6635

Dr. Valerie Velkes
Herzliya Medical Center
7 Ramot Yam
Herzliya Pitach
Tel: 09-955-5560
Languages: English, Hebrew

Dr. Boaz Gesthalter
Licensed Clinical Psychologist M.A.; Supervisor
Specialty: Children, adolescents, parental guidance, adults, divorced families, psycho diagnostic evaluations and parental capability assessments
Ashtori Hapharchi 9, Shderot Smuts 14, Tel Aviv
Tel: 054-571-1666
Languages: English, Hebrew

Dr. Abigail Golomb
24 Nezach Yisrael St., Tel Aviv 64361
Tel: 03-696-4720
Hours: Sun-Thurs 3pm-10pm
Languages: English, Hebrew, French

Courtenay Blackwell Gueta, MSW
Clinical Social Worker - Brief & Solution-Focused Practice
Speciality: Anger Management, Anxiety, Self-esteem, Grief & Bereavement, Marriage, Family & Parenting, Adult & Adolescent Psychotherapy
Phone: 052-508-2669

Dr. Daniel Gottlieb, PSY.D.
Director of Clinical Services, Shinui Institute, Herzliya
Israeli Institute for systemic studies, family and personal change
Tel: 09-955-1973; Fax: 09-950-9747; Home: 09-742-8019

Dr. Michael Gropper
Specialty: Child and adult psychotherapist; Marital and family therapy
198 Ahuza St., Raanana
Tel: 09-771-8821
Hours: Sun & Mon 9am-8pm; Fri 8am-1pm
Languages: English, Hebrew

Dr. Ira Kotlik-Konev
Tel: 054-787-6094
Languages: Hebrew, Russian, English

Dr. Batya L. Ludman
Giron Center, Suite 108, Jabotinsky St., 5, Raanana 43363
Tel: 09-774-3602, 09-741-8090, 09-771-8815; Fax: 09-771-8812; Cell: 050-570-1410

Dr. Diddy Mymin
Licensed psychologist, British chartered clinical psychologist
34a Ha’Eshel St., Not Yam, Herzliya
Tel: 054-976-5667
Languages: English, Hebrew

Dr. Lucian Moscovici
10d Arie Ben Eliezer, Ramat Gan
Tel: 03-674-6768
Private hours: Tues-Thurs 4pm-10pm
Hours at Ichilov Hospital: Mon, Tues, Thurs 8am-3pm
Languages: English, Hebrew, Romanian, Italian

Dr. Noga Nabarro (Rubinstein)
President & Academic Director, Shinui Israel Institute for Systemic Studies
Family, Personal & Organizational Change, School of Systemic & Brief Psychotherapies, Herzliya 46905
Tel: 09-955-1973; Home: 09-774-5169; Cell: 054-492-5544

Dr. Yifat Peled
Clinical Social Worker MSW; psychotherapy and family therapy; specialty: eating disorders
Even Yehuda
Tel: 054-579-8089

Dr. Iris Perach
Clinical Psychologist, trained in NY, licensed in Israel
Specialty: anxiety, depression, post-trauma, complex trauma, personality disorders, adjustment problems; individuals, groups, couples, families.
Harav Friedman, 52/5, Tel Aviv
Tel: 054-492-9548
Languages: native English and Hebrew

Psagot Institute
Specialty: clinical psychologist, psychotherapist & family therapist
8 Sderot Chen, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-528-8171
Hours by appointment

Dr. Lisa Reik
Specialty: child development, family issues, parenting
Beit Yannay
Tel: 09-866-3491

Dr. Dana Salomy
Adult psychiatrist and psychotherapist
9 Shaul Avigor St., Tel Aviv
Tel: 054-250-0181

Dr. Ruth Shidlo, PhD
Clinical Psychologist; American trained, Israeli licensed
Ramat Aviv, 69203
Tel: 03-641-8240

Dr. Valerie Velkes
P.O. Box 3057, Herzliya Bet 46130

Tel: 09-955-5560; Fax: 09-950-0979

Dr. Mark Weiser

23 Jabotinsky St., Ramat Gan
27 Dov Hoz St., Apt. 16, Kfar Saba
Tel: 03-530-3436; Secretary Tayvor, home number: 09-742-1463

Edda N. Weissberg
Licensed clinical psychologist; children, teens, adults; therapy and testing
Ooziyahu 21, Kiryat Gat
Tel: 052-598-3961

Dr. Nachum Edward Weissberg
Israeli specialist in psychiatry; American board certified psychiatrist
8/2 Nachal Achziv, Ramat Bet Shemesh
Tel: 050-550-0025

Bettina Zolotariov
Licensed Clinical Social Worker MSW; Adolescent and adult psychotherapy, marital and family therapy, adult ADHD psychotherapy
Kehilat Venezia 8, Tel Aviv
Tel: 052-610-5758
Hours: Tues 5pm-11pm
Languages: English, Hebrew, German, French, Spanish

Shauli Lev-Ran, MD
General Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry
Clinics: Tel Aviv and Karkur
Tel: 072-2567808


Dr. Alexander Greenstein
39b Burla St., Tel Aviv 69364
Tel: 03-699-6606
Hours by appointment
Languages: English, Hebrew

Dr. S. Richter
Herzliya Medical Center
7 Ramat Yam, Herzliya Pituach
Tel: 09-959-2523 or 09-959-2557