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SPECIAL NOTE: Starting October 1, 2014, all regular passports will contain 52 pages; 28-page regular passports are no longer being used; emergency passports will continue to have 12 pages.

Common passport categories:

Special passport categories, all ages

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How long will I have to wait for the passport?
At peak times (e.g., summer, late December), you may receive your passport up to four weeks after your interview. Plan ahead!

Can I renew my passport before the expiration date?
Yes. You may renew your passport at any time.

Will my airline require my U.S. passport to be valid for 6 months?
You may enter the United States and England even if your passport expires only one week after your entry. However, many European countries require 6 months of validity, even if you are only staying in an airport for a few hours. Check with your airline or’s country information guides for requirements prior to your trip.

I will be traveling on land to the United States. Any tips?
Review’s guides for Canada and Mexico.

Can I travel while waiting for my replacement passport?

The U.S. Embassy has an obligation to verify that U.S. citizens only have one valid U.S. passport in their possession at any time. You can choose to travel with your U.S. passport during processing, but you will have to return that passport to the U.S. Embassy (either in person or by mail) for cancellation prior to issuance of your new U.S. passport. The Embassy will send you the new and cancelled passports at the same time.

Where can I get updates about new policies affecting passports, travel, and other services for U.S. citizens?
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Your Visit to Citizen Services

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