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Visa Fees

What is the cost to apply for a visa? 
For most visa categories the MRV (Machine Readable Visa) processing fee is $160.  Petition-based visas, such as H, L, O, P, Q and R, are $190.  E visas are $270.  The MRV fee is valid only for the individual named on the receipt. MRV fees are valid for one year from the date of purchase, or until the date the applicant was accepted for processing by the Embassy, whichever comes first. Depending upon the applicant’s nationality or visa category, there might be additional reciprocity fees payable at the time of visa issuance at the Embassy’s cashier. We accept payment in cash only. For additional information, click here

How can I pay the MRV fee? 
There are two payment options available to pay the MRV fee: 
Option 1: Payment with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) through the on-line appointment system. Only registered system users who created an account can pay the fee on-line. In order for an account to be created, please click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button and follow the instructions 
Option 2: Payment in cash at the Israeli post office. Only registered system users who created an account in the on-line appointment system can use this payment option. In order for an account to be created, please go to on-line appointment system, click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button and follow the instructions. The appointment website will produce a Bank Deposit Slip based upon the type of appointment for which you have registered; the deposit slip will indicate how much you must pay.  You must print this Bank Deposit Slip, proceed to the local post office branch, present the Bank Deposit Slip, and pay the requested amount. The post office will provide you with a bank receipt for the transaction with a bank receipt confirmation number. Please note you will have to wait until the next business day until the cash payment you have made is ready to be used. After paying the MRV fee through the post office, you have to either return to the on-line appointment system or call the live operator at 03-9058062 to validate the payment you have made and then complete the application registration. 
The consular officer denied my visa.  Can I get a refund on my MRV fee? Can my MRV fee be refunded? 
The MRV fee is non-refundable. 
Where can I find a list of MRV, reciprocity, and other fees? 
For more information about fees, please click here. 
SEVIS fee 
The SEVIS I-901 fee is a one-time fee for persons applying for a J visa program.  The fee covers the costs of administering the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and related enforcement efforts.  

  •  The SEVIS fee for student (F1 and M1) visas is $200 
  •  The SEVIS fee for exchange (J1) visitors programs is $180 except for Summer Work/Travel, Au pair, and Camp counselor programs who pay $35 

Exceptions: Applicant participating in federally sponsored exchange visitor program (program codes start with G-1, G-2, G-3, or G-7) are exempted from the SEVIS fee payment. 
There is no fee for or spouses and dependent children (F-2, M-2 or J-2) of students or exchange visitors. 
Fees for L1 Blanket petitions  
The following fees payable only the Embassy’s cashier upon the interview and are accepted only in cash: 

  •  A $2250 fee for L-1 Blanket petitions: Under Public Law 111-230, referred to as the "Border Security Act," certain L-1 Blanket petitions are subject to an additional fee of $2250, if the petitioning employer has more than 50 employees in the United States, more than 50 percent of whom are on L status.  The $2250 fee should be paid by each applicant applying for L-1 Blanket petition visa
  •  A $500 Fraud Prevention and Detection fee: A Fraud Prevention and Detection fee in the amount of $500 should be paid by all applicants for L visas who are covered under a Blanket petition for L status.  This fee must be collected with the MRV fee, regardless of country-specific reciprocity and whether or not a visa is issued, for all first-time blanket L applications under any Form I-129-S, Nonimmigrant Petition Based on Blanket L Petition.