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U.S. Citizen Services

Voting Overseas

Your vote matters! Overseas voting is a three-step process: register to vote, receive an absentee ballot, and send your ballot to your County Board of Elections. 

Step 1: Register to Vote

First Time Voters:   

a) Start the process online – Review the Federal Voting Assistance Program website to directly register with your state or territory.

b) Are you a U.S. citizen who has never lived in the United States? Click here to see if you can register to vote.

c) Most states require voters to register at least 45 days before an election. Don’t miss out!

Repeat Voters:

a) To ensure you continue to receive absentee ballots during your time away from your voting residence, be sure to submit a new FPCA every January or each time you change your address. We recommend that voters register at least 90 days before the election you want to vote in. 

Step 2: Receive Your Ballot

County Boards of Elections begin distributing official absentee ballots to registered voters 45 days before an election, and each state has individual postmark and receipt deadlines. If you are voting for members of the U.S. House of Representatives and/or the U.S. Senate, and your official ballot does not arrive at your overseas address, registered voters may download and complete a Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB).  

Step 3: Return Your Ballot to Your County Board of Elections:

  • Return your electronic ballot via email or fax – Most states provide email and fax options for voters, so make sure to review your state specific ballot submission instructions.
  • Return paper ballots via U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv – Please email our absentee voting team at for assistance with returning your ballots to the U.S. for free. We also accept ballots between 8 – 9am, Monday to Friday, excluding federal and local holidays.
  • Return paper ballots via U.S. Consulate General Jerusalem – Click here for more information.
  • Return paper ballots via express courier service – If your state’s deadlines are coming up fast, consider utilizing an express courier company such as UPS, DHL, or FedEx.  

More Questions about Voting Overseas?  

Please visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program website for more information!