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Conflict Management

By promoting cooperative projects which bring together different sectors of the Israeli population, the U.S. Embassy works to strengthen personal relationships and foster understanding between majority and minority groups. The Embassy works with Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel from all age ranges and all professions to collaborate on topics of interest or importance. The topics of these programs range from acting clubs to water resource management to cultural understanding.

Minority Rights

The U.S. Embassy works with minority groups in Israeli society such as Arab, Ethiopian, and Russian communities and disabled persons to ensure that each and every citizen of Israel can lead a free and fulfilling life. In order to increase open access to all that Israeli society has to offer, the embassy works with groups promoting human rights, economic empowerment, and civic participation for minority groups. The Embassy works with Civil Society Organizations as well as government officials on these issues and provides financial support, insight from the American perspective, and exchange programs allowing Israeli professionals to meet and exchange ideas with their American counterparts.


The U.S. Embassy works to promote the teaching of American English, especially in underserved communities that often struggle with mastery of the English language. Cooperating with 35 schools, the Embassy offers intensive after-school English language courses to help advance Israeli students to a higher level on their matriculation exams. Every year, the Embassy sponsors English Language Fellows specializing in teaching English as a second language to assist with teacher training and methodology, both during the year and also through a summer program called the Civics, Language, and American Studies Seminar. Additionally, the Embassy Speaker Program sends Embassy officers to Israeli schools to share aspects of American culture with Israeli students. The Embassy also cooperates with higher education institutes, bringing American subject experts to participate in conferences and lectures taking place at Israeli institutions.  

Arts and Culture

The U.S Embassy seeks to promote American values through showcasing the best of American art and culture to the local audience. It supports and facilitates visits of major American artists in various fields: dance, music, film making, literature, painting and more. The Embassy organizes special events for unprivileged audiences engaging these artists and emphasizing the role of art in building a better community. The Embassy is committed to the idea of conflict resolution through culture supporting a wide range of artistic projects that involve Jewish and Arab artists and create a true dialogue between different ethnic groups. It also facilitates exchange projects that expose Israeli and Palestinian artists to the American culture in sitú demonstrating its great diversity and creative ways of dealing with it. 

Women's  Issues

Women represent an important and frequently underappreciated portion of all societies.  Countries that are not profiting from the full participation of women are failing to meet their full potential internally and on the world stage.  The United States Embassy works closely with local partners on a wide range of topics of interest to women.  They include equal access to legal services, health care, women's education and empowerment.   The Embassy participates in seminars, sponsors subject matter expert visits, and provides exchange and visitor opportunities for NGO's and other Israeli organizations interested in promoting the full participation of women in society.


If you are interested in more information on these programs, please contact the U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Section at. 03-517-5151